Do You Feel Me?

from Do You Feel Me? by Sanxion7



This song was made after the album cover, and it's where the album's name comes from. Dance-oriented electro.


Can you feel that steel
Reeling from the pain it's so appealing
I'll dig a little deeper
Do you feel me within you

I hate
That I can't get away
You've chained me here to stay
I was gonna stay anyway
You're infectious and I'm here to play

I'm so far gone, I see the light
I feel you feeling my insides
Just twist it, turn it as you please
I feel you sabotaging me
Not once appearing out of place
I feel you making your own space
Our eyes meet briefly yet again
I feel you just before...

I feel you just before the end


from Do You Feel Me?, released October 26, 2012




Sanxion7 Madison, Wisconsin

I enjoy creating something from nothing. This music is my outlet, my only true freedom, a stream of raw inspiration and expression, the way I capture the world in my imagination.

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