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from by Pleska



The original version of Rush.


Seeking change
Other ways
Meeting myself
In future days
Colliding matter as I feel my new face
And leaving no trace of the last one
And becoming who I always was

Kind of a feeling running on
In my friends
To catch me when I fall
Everything changes from underneath
I must
Hold on tight
In stages that test me
Take me away

Winds of change
Led the way
Gather 'round me
And hear what I say
A fire burning lights a path every day
And sees I've left behind the past one
I'm becoming who I always was


from Rush, released March 8, 2018




Sanxion7 Madison, Wisconsin

In few words: I write electronic music. In many words, I'm in the furry community and I enjoy creating something from nothing. This music is my outlet; my freedom. It is a stream of raw inspiration and expression. I write it for myself. Love it or hate it, this music is out here just in case. ... more

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