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The lyrics came to mind when looking at myself in the mirror at... well, some time in the morning. The time in the song is just convenient. I've grown up without realizing it. I'm not a kid anymore. Physically, anyway.


who is this
I'm seeing
in the mirror at quarter to four
a stranger
I don't know

(la la la la la, etc)

is this what
I've become
over time I haven't kept track
you don't look

(la la la la la, etc)

(I had no idea
this is what
I would be
I wish I
could be just
something so

looks like I
got lost in
real life and there's no turning back
the past

(la la la la la, etc)

thrown aside
tossed away never to be seen
they don't know
it's in you

(la la la la la, etc)


from Electrum Malleus, released January 20, 2012




Sanxion7 Madison, Wisconsin

In few words: I write electronic music. In many words, I'm in the furry community and I enjoy creating something from nothing. This music is my outlet; my freedom. It is a stream of raw inspiration and expression. I write it for myself. Love it or hate it, this music is out here just in case. ... more

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